Trade Facilitation Programme

Small Scale Cross-Border Trade Initiative

Regional Enterprise Competitiveness And Access to Markets Programme

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About EU-COMESA partnership

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Trade Facilitation and Private Sector Development programmes are three multi-year European Union funded projects to enhance trade in the COMESA region and promote private enterprise and regional value chains.

With a combined budget of 78 million Euro, funded through the 11th European Development Fund, these programmes focus on implementing the World Trade Organization’s trade facilitation agreements, harmonised standards and the regulation of non-tariff barriers. The programmes also look at improving border infrastructure and implementing trade facilitation instruments for small scale traders. They strengthen Cross Border Trade Associations (CBTAs), improve competitiveness and market access for agro-processing, horticulture and leather products.

Single trade

Removing trade barriers by 2025​

Regional integration

Promoting the regional integration process in Eastern and Southern Africa

Cross-Border cooperation

Facilitating small scale cross-border trade

Good practices

Implementing international best practices in trade

Access to markets

Improving the competitiveness and market access of SMEs

Social Inclusion

Supporting women and youth owned SMEs

Implementing partners