The Zambia Statistics Agency with support from COMESA, through the Regional Integration Support Mechanism (RISM II) Project 6th, 7th and 8th funded by the European Union (EU)
conducted a Survey on SSCBT transactions from January 2019 to September 2019. The successor project on SSCBT survey under EDF 11 commenced immediately after RISM (II); for a period of three years. This project supplemented the efforts already made under RISM II and sustained data collection for two years and seven months.

The survey was structured as follows: Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study Review, Recruitment of Data Collectors, Training, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Report Writing and Report Dissemination.

The feasibility study was undertaken in July 2018. The main objective was to collect information for the purposes of developing the survey methodology and determining the required number of data collectors. The study was carried out in each of the four (4) selected borders namely Kasumbalesa,
Nakonde, Mwami and Chirundu.

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